Bijou is the latest 3d porn update with Mugur at Deep Throats 3d

Bijou is the latest porn star to grace the pixels of Deep Throats 3d.  In this fun scene with co-star Mugur Bijou goes into a local sex shop in Budapest to buy a new toy.  The location is what make this scene unique and some really hot dick sucking is what Mugur, who plays the shop owner has in store for this dark eyed beauty from Romania.  It makes me wonder what kind of opportunities a guy working in a place like this could have in the real world to seduce a lonely, horny young woman who wanderers into a sex shop.

DeepThroats3d is the only blow job site out there currently that offers Real 3d not converted from 2d to 3d.  There is stuff out there that is old 2d scenes converted from 2d to 3d.  Don’t be fooled!  They claim that conversion is what hollywood does and it is better, not true!  James Cameron who made Avatar shot it with two separate views for left and right eyes.  Deep Throats 3d is shot with 2 views for the most realistic deep experience you can have on your 3d TV or PC.

Check out some free pics of Bijou here!